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She let Ross Kemp put his penis in her vagina, so perhaps she’s not such a bright spark.

Still, I’d give her one.

Rebekah Brooks, the schmoozer hated by Murdoch’s wife and daughter

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She does the weather on BBC Breakfast. So she tells you how many inches you can expect, etc., etc.

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After Nigella Lawson explained to Kate Garraway that eating chocolate can be sexy, the Daybreak presenter tried her hand at the art of seduction.

But it didn’t quite work out and instead Garraway ended up with a face slathered in chocolate after her co-presenter Dan Lobb dunked her head into a bowl of chocolate sauce.

The presenters had been interviewing Nigella, dubbed the Queen of Gastroporn, who is famed for licking her fingers flirtatiously while in the kitchen.

(Source: Daily Mail)

Last week, 35-year-old actress Christina Hendricks – the curvaceous, wasp-waisted star of hit U.S. TV series Mad Men – was reported as saying she was struggling to find a designer who would dress her for the red carpet at the Emmys.

“Not one designer will loan me a dress. They only lend out a size zero or a size 2. So I’m still struggling for someone to give me a darn dress!”

Do you need more proof how downright sizeist the fashion world is?

In the end, New York designer Zac Posen stepped up to the mark to dress Christina for the Emmys. He wanted to accentuate her shape, rather than hide it. The lilac, cleavage-baring, hourglass dress in chiffon with hand-stitched feathers was specially made for her, with a structured, boned bodice.

Christina’s breasts were at the forefront of Posen’s mind when he made the dress.

“She’s got a beautiful body, there’s no reason to hide anything. Let’s celebrate what she has,” he said.

Good for him. Finally, a woman who looks like a woman. Not like a child or an adolescent boy. And most certainly not like a coat hanger.

(Source: Liz Jones, Daily Mail)


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Lenka Andrysova MP

Fresh from their success in parliamentary elections, a group of female politicians have posed for a calendar to highlight the growing presence of women in Czech politics.

Members of the Public Affairs party will feature in a 2011 charity calendar posing provocatively in revealing outfits.

The party’s racy calendar comes after a record 44 women were voted into the 200-seat lower house of the Czech parliament.

“We want to draw attention to the fact that we have women in politics,” said MP Lenka Andrysova.

“Women’s political influence is growing. Why not show we are women who aren’t afraid of being sexy?” said Marketa Reedova, Public Affair’s 42-year-old candidate for the Prague mayor’s office.

These girls are serious competition for the UK’s Sexy Tory Ladies.

Black Dogs Defined

This is the best of me; for the rest, I ate, and drank, and slept, loved and hated, like another: my life was as the vapour and is not; but this I saw and knew; this, if anything of mine, is worth your memory.

(John Ruskin, Sesame and Lilies)

Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not.

(Alan Sillitoe, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning)

This is my letter to the world, that never wrote to me.

(Emily Dickinson, This is my letter to the world)

Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand:
Come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!

(Edna St. Vincent Millay, Second Fig)

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