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Queen Elizabeth II by Dorothy Wilding (1952)

Jean Paul Gaultier launched his brand new masculine fragrance in September 2011. The fragrance is named Kokorico, which is the French onomatopoeia for a rooster’s cry (“Cock-a-doodle-doo” in English).

Kokorico is designed as a powerful and explosive aphrodisiac, emphasizing woody and cocoa notes. Kokorico represents an olfactory cry, the boastful cry of a rooster, the conquering cry of a man-warrior, the cry of a young man filled with pleasure. Whatever …

The top of the composition features refreshing fig leaves, which provide energy, the heart is filled with raw cocoa, which stimulates (not the artificially sweet kind, but a natural extract), whilst woody notes of patchouli and cedar express their masculinity and power.

Black, red and feathers are flamboyant, cocky and dramatic elements of inspiration for the package and the campaign design. The bottle is shaped like a sculpture of a male head from one side, and it looks like a torso from the other perspective. The face of the campaign shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino is model Jon Kortajarena.

Public Image Limited by Laura Levine

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Have you ever wondered (like me) what Darth Vader’s minions get up to in their spare time? I mean, how do they relax when they’re not on duty? This same thought seems to have inspired Stéfan Le Dû, who between April 2009 and April 2010 daily photographed stormtroopers in bizarre situations.

My thanks, by the way, to Heather Munro for bringing this to my attention.

Here are two of my favourites:

Bad news - we're out of mustard

Stare at it - they hate that

Tracey Emin leaves the GQ Men of the Year Awards

Speed dating would appear to have found an unlikely new disciple in Tracey Emin.

The artist, who broke up with Scott Douglas, a photographer, after a seven-year relationship, says she feels the method offers her the best chance of finding someone suitable. “I meet men every day of my life, but I really want to go speed dating,” says Miss Emin, 47. “Speed dating’s about what you say. I think it would be good fun. I want to meet some new men.”

At speed dating events, men and women are rotated to meet each other in a series of brief encounters. At the close of play, participants submit to the organisers a list of whom they would like to provide their contact information to. If there is a match, contact information is forwarded to both parties.

I’d speed date her …

Previously unseen images of Marilyn Monroe have been published in a new book, Marilyn: August 1953: The Lost LOOK Photos, which comes out this week.

The pictures were taken over several days when a sprained ankle prevented the Hollywood icon from filming “River of No Return” with Robert Mitchum in Alberta, Canada in the summer of 1953.

Photographer John Vachon took over 100 shots for a feature in LOOK magazine but only three were published in October of that year.

(Source: Independent)

The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous Roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.

(Jack Kerouac, On the Road )

Dennis Hopper, whose portrayals of drug-addled, often deranged misfits in the landmark films “Easy Rider,” “Apocalypse Now” and “Blue Velvet” drew on his early out-of-control experiences as part of a new generation of Hollywood rebels, died Saturday at his home in Venice, California. He was 74. The cause was complications from metastasized prostate cancer, according to a statement issued by Alex Hitz, a family friend. Mr. Hopper, who said he stopped drinking and using drugs in the mid-1980s, followed that change with a tireless phase of his career in which he claimed to have turned down no parts.

His was the best line in Speed:

“I’m not crazy. Poor people are crazy. I’m eccentric.”

Most recently he was Jack Bauer’s first and ultimately best opponent, in the first series of 24, which Hopper did as a favour (Kiefer Sutherland earned his Executive Producer credit on later shows by bringing in a lot of his friends in the first series, including Hopper – friend of Donald Sutherland – and Lou Diamond Phillips).

Funnily enough, Easy Rider wasn’t my favourite of his performances. After a good start, it goes off on a few tangents throughout the movie, and there are better films that get what I would call the “culture of the time” across. OK, I’ll be really pretentious and say “zeitgeist”.

Hopper was in a similar state, i.e. ripped to the tits, but gave a better performance, in Apocalypse Now, the greatest movie ever, whichever version you see.

Although his death doesn’t come as a surprise, he’s yet another “last link” to classic Hollywood that has now gone (remember he was in Rebel Without a Cause over half a century ago now), a screen presence who continued to show up in varied places until recently and who will be genuinely missed.

R.I.P. Dennis Lee Hopper, actor, photographer and painter, born 17 May 1936; died 29 May 2010

Black Dogs Defined

This is the best of me; for the rest, I ate, and drank, and slept, loved and hated, like another: my life was as the vapour and is not; but this I saw and knew; this, if anything of mine, is worth your memory.

(John Ruskin, Sesame and Lilies)

Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not.

(Alan Sillitoe, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning)

This is my letter to the world, that never wrote to me.

(Emily Dickinson, This is my letter to the world)

Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand:
Come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!

(Edna St. Vincent Millay, Second Fig)

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