I am in the middle of a love affair with salted caramel. It’s heady, it’s passionate, it may – like the stalker’s obsessive focus – not be entirely healthy, but I take the view that few in this world have the luxury to be blasé about pleasure. There’s simply not enough of it about for us to gainsay what gifts are offered up for our enjoyment. True, for many, self-denial has its own exquisite agony, but I am not among their number. For me, a “more is more” kind of a person, I don’t want merely to experience pleasure, I want to wallow in it – gloriously and gratefully – while it lasts.
(Nigella Lawson, Queen of Gastroporn & Caramel Bukkake)

Nigella Lawson Queen of Gastroporn caused quite a stir last week when this photograph of her appeared on the front cover of a magazine. In extreme close-up, warm salt caramel is oozing down her face and hands, dripping from her eyelids and lips.

In all innocence Nigella Lawson has denied the image was “sexualised” and dismissed suggestions that she had any “flirtatious style”.

“I think that appetite is seen as hearty in a male and slightly wanton and lascivious in a female, but that’s just about perception,” she said. “The image is simply rapturous joy in caramel. It’s not obligatory to be smutty minded. When people say to me ‘she does double entendre’, I have never done double entendre in my life. I’m not that kind of person.”

(To which I respond “Whatever!” . I think appetite is about eating food and not pouring it over your head.)

“I really was covered in caramel! And I arrived back home after, incredibly sticky, and had to give myself a vigorous hosing-down. I was in the shower for about an hour!”

In fact, with this photograph, Nigella has invented a subcategory of gastroporn, what we might call “caramel bukkake”. I can almost believe that she is unaware of the term bukkake, but I cannot believe the same of the photographer and designer of this shoot.

For those who, like La Lawson herself, cannot see why this photograph might be considered porn, here is some real porn for you to compare (and this really is a great shot):