Famous mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins normally fills concert halls. But yesterday her audience was bemused London commuters passing through Leicester Square tube station, as the singer, in a partial disguise, took a turn as a busker.

The 31-one-year-old performed for 45 minutes singing some of her biggest hits including Time To Say Goodbye and a cover of Bring Me To Life by rock band Evanescence.

Jenkins earned about £10 (which she will be donating to a homeless charity) from passers-by. Several people were stopped in their tracks by the quality of the singing – one girl was even reduced to tears.

Many people recognised Jenkins despite attempts to give herself a “make-under” by hiding her trademark blonde locks behind a scruffy brunette wig and wearing casual clothes. The opera singer’s distinctive vocals fooled few.

“I was really really enjoying myself. On the initial first note I thought ‘Oh god, I don’t know how this is going to work out’, it was quite an operatic number and I wasn’t sure how it would be received. But by the second number people were stopping and I really enjoyed it,” the Welsh singer told the Evening Standard.

“The people were really lovely. One guy said I had made him late for work now, but I didn’t know I made people cry, that’s amazing.”

Tickets to see Barbie in concert cost around £100.