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Get the back band right
The first thing to remember is getting the back band right; it needs to fit on the loosest hook and should sit horizontally. Over time you can tighten it, but if you start off with it on the tightest hook, it’s already too big for you.

Tighten those bra straps
Most of the support from your bra should be coming from the back band – not the straps. If you’re left with red marks where the straps are digging in you’re putting too much strain on your poor shoulders!

The wires shouldn’t stick out
The wires of your bra should sit flat, without poking you in the middle. This means that your boobs won’t spill out from the sides or top, escaping from the cups.

Finally, give them a jiggle …
The bend and snap isn’t a move reserved for fans of Legally Blonde. According to Curvy Kate, you need to make sure your boobs fit into your bra by moving them about a bit. Lean forward and give your boobs a jiggle, then scoop them in and up!