Good Housekeeping cookery cards, beautifully photographed in full colour with wipe-clean surfaces, are designed to help you in two ways: to provide you with a repertoire of delicious recipes selected from Good Housekeeping magazine’s famous Creative Cookery series, and also to simplify the complex business of planning perfect menus. For Good Housekeeping cookery cards have an extra value – each one includes ideas for two more suitable courses to make up a complete three-course meal, linking the recipes to other cards in the series.

You don’t have to be an expert cook to produce these superb dishes. All recipes have been double-tested. All are clear and easy-to-follow. All include oven temperatures, cooking times, and number of servings.


2 large egg whites
4 oz. caster sugar
2 level tsp instant coffee
¼ pint double cream
¼ pint single cream
1 tbsp coffee liqueur, optional
½ lb. raspberries
chocolate squares for decoration


Whisk egg whites until really stiff. Add half the caster sugar and whisk again, add instant coffee and whisk until mixture is really stiff and coffee no longer speckled. Fold in the rest of the sugar.

Pipe some of this meringue in shell shapes, using a large rose vegetable nozzle, on non-stick (silicone-treated) paper placed on a baking sheet.

Mark a 7-inch circle on a second piece of paper and spread remainder of meringue to make a disc. Dry all the meringues in a cool oven (lowest setting) until crisp and firm (about 3 hours). Peel off the paper, cool meringues and store in an air-tight container.

An hour before serving, whip together the two creams and liqueur until stiff enough to hold their shape.

Use some of the cream to build a double row of meringue shells to form a basket.

Spoon remaining cream into the centre. Top with hulled raspberries. Leave in a cold place. Decorate with chocolate squares.