Albert Square, Manchester

(Source: Manchester Evening News)

Basques, stockings, and suspender belts were the dress code as Manchester hosted its first-ever ‘Slut Walk.’

Hundreds of protesters donned racy outfits as part of a global equality campaign.

Traffic ground to a halt as the column of scantily-clad demonstrators went along Deansgate.

Around 600 women, joined by a handful of men, braved the evening chill. Slut Walks are the response to comments by a Canadian police officer who advised schoolgirls to ‘avoid dressing like sluts’ in order to prevent sexual assaults.

In Manchester, stunned shoppers were halted in their tracks by protesters in barely-there clothing, who handed out sex-equality leaflets.

Organiser Carly Smith said she was amazed at the number of people who had agreed to take part after details of the event were posted on Facebook. She said: “We are controlled by patriarchy and the term slut is a term used to control and debase women.” Police closed a number of city centre roads while the group passed through the city centre with banners, tambourines, and drums. The crowd also chanted: ‘No Means No’ .

Clad in red, lacy underwear Helena Hyatt, 27, from Withington, said: “It’s totally ridiculous that women can’t be in control of what they wear without someone judging it.

“Rape is never justifiable and the idea that what a woman wears means that she is asking for it, or deserves it is ludicrous.”

Sam Priestley, who works as a volunteer at a domestic violence charity, said: “I’m nearly 40 and I’m astonished that this is still an issue. It’s horrendous that we are still fighting this abuse of power 50 years after the sexual revolution.”