I don’t think liking classical music has anything to do with class, intelligence or anything like that, but how about being eccentric?

I probably qualify as eccentric; my varied collecting interests alone (which include stuff that nobody in their right mind would want) should qualify me. Beyond that, I have been known to space out and walk into walls because I have been lost in thought.

That said, although I do not consider myself an eccentric, apparently a former co-worker when I was employed by a major UK retailer (Co-operative Group) did when she called me “different.” Our conversation ran roughly like this:

She: There’s something about you – you’re just different.
Me: No, I’m the same.
She: That’s what I mean. You’re different.

I had a similar conversation when a girl asked what I was reading and I responded “It’s a biography of Alban Berg.”

I try to be polite, but to the point. I try not to be fake. If I feel like shit, I won’t have a giant smile on my face. Is that so fucking eccentric?