I must know about a dozen people who evangelise about Facebook on an almost daily basis. Let me give you an example of how these conversations usually go:

Them: “Are you on Facebook?”
Me: “No.”
Them: “Oh, you really should be!”
Me: “Why?”
Them: “It’s just brilliant!”
Me: “Why?”
Them: “It just is. You should get on Facebook.”
Me: “Again, why?”

… etc., etc.

So, anyway, at the age of 48 I am finally on Facebook. But what is the fucking point?

Perhaps one of those people who rave about Facebook can explain to me what’s so great about it. I already grasp why it was originally created, and I’ve nothing against those who use it like any other social networking tool. But in all honesty, I watched my young friend Melissa using it (she is apparently obsessed and checks it six times a day), and I’m still at a loss as to what it’s actually for.

Why, for example, should I give a shit that someone I know is a bit nervous today because they’ve got a dental appointment? Or that someone else “can’t wait for Friday!!!”?

Well, fuck a doodle doo!

I can think of no reason why I’d want to know such mediocre details from the lives of ordinary people (known to me or otherwise), and I feel fairly certain they’re not interested in the dull goings-on of my daily grind. Yet, this is what I see “Facebookers” indulging in at every office I visit. They seem to me to be most interested in the number of “friends” they have; which brings to mind the games of children collecting Pokémon cards (or some such).

I could understand it if Facebook were a useful tool like, say, LinkedIn or even MySpace (both of which actually make a hell of a lot more sense to me), but it just seems like a mindlessly trivial way to waste a few hours. Usually, on employer’s time. Perhaps that’s the point …