Smith: Queer

Sir Cyril Smith, who has died aged 82, was the Liberal and then the Liberal Democrat MP for Rochdale from 1972 to 1992, and a much more complex individual than his bluff, no-nonsense northerner image would suggest. His size ensured that he was instantly recognisable, and his forthright views, expressed in a broad Rochdale accent, gave him considerable media coverage, particularly when criticising his own party.

By today’s standards, Smith’s career would have been ruined 30 years ago.

The Daily Telegraph obituary ends with the telling words “He never married”. When asked why, he replied, “I haven’t had a lot of time for courting women.”

Hardly surprising for a fat bastard who enjoyed spanking teenage boys’ bottoms and fondling their testicles. During his political career Smith was a bully and not shy to threaten libel. How stange it is he never sued Private Eye and Rochdale Alternative Paper in 1979 following their publication of these exceedingly serious allegations about him.

It is a fact that there was a police investigation into his sexual misconduct, that the files were transferred and have since gone missing.

It is also a fact that seven boys made sworn affidavits about his misconduct.

It is also a fact that local party members and activists have told me personally that they believe these allegations and have criticised Smith’s relationship with asbestos company Turner & Newall and his attitude to the victims of asbestos poisoning.

R.I.P. Sir Cyril Smith, politician, born 28 June 1928; died 3 September 2010