His opera was mauled, and his Berlioz song-cycle reportedly had people running for the exits. Yet Rufus Wainwright is to be applauded for having a go, writes Tom Service in the Guardian. Tom himself “has a go” at Rupert Christiansen, who did not attend Wainwright’s disastrous performance of Berlioz’s Les Nuits d’Été, but still wrote about it. He then says, throwing in a bit of French (Pretentious? Moi?):

The point is, though, Wainwright was trying. OK, so Berlioz’s fantastically demanding song-cycle might not have been the way to do it, but I think the singer deserves plaudits for not being intimidated by the pointlessly rarefied reputation of la musique classique, and allowing himself the chance to sing a repertoire he loves.

Yes, and thanks to Rufus for allowing people to pay to hear him sing the repertoire he loves.

This confirms all my suspicions about Tom Service.

Tom and Rufus, sitting in a tree …